Created and thought locally, was designed with the primary goal of enhancing the island’s business through a simple, effective and free digital tool – At a time when communication 2.0 has become almost indispensable.

A true bridge between business and their prospects, is above all a showcase of the know-how of our professionals, whatever their sectors of activity and their areas of expertise through the search engines (restaurants, accommodations, activities, etc-) that we put in place.

We thought this platform in a fun way for Internet users (favorites, business notation, email contact, business commentary, etc.) and easy to use for professionals who can create a free profile with their contact details.

In this directory, we have linked modules of socialization: Coupons and Events

The first is a space dedicated to companies wishing to promote their products or services through a discount coupon and the second an agenda of events (associative, cultural, sports, festive, etc.) of the island.

The Yeapah site won an award at the 2018 innovation contest of Initiative Saint-Martin and financially supported by the Collectivité de Saint-Martin.